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>Well, from Paul we have Gal. 3.16 "Now the promises were made to Abraham and
>to his offspring; it does not say,  'And to offsprings,' as of many; but it
>says,  'And to your offspring,' that is, to one person, who is Christ."
>This is, I believe, a fairly clear example of midrash. For a similar,
>rabbinic emphasis upon the singular form in a biblical text see Shmot Rabbah
>to 15.1.

I agree- there are plenty of midrashim in the NT.  However, the original
question asked for examples of Jesus and the Apostles using Midrash.  I dont
think we have an ipsissima verba from Jesus in which he uses Midrash; and we
dont have, in my estimation, a single text from one of the Twelve.  Paul was
"apostolic" but he wasn't one of the Twelve.



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