Sabbath Origins

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How much, if anything, do we know about this stormy history? Or are 
you speculating? OK, you mention Dan 11:14, but this seems very vague, 
and I wonder how you decide which parts of this book give historical 
information. You could at least clarify your "I think classical 
authors allude to various sieges", you need to check this before 
building a theory.

Peter Kirk

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Hence we come back to the problem, George, that no policy had been made to 
deal with the same situation before the hellenistic crisis. Clearly none 
had been made though there had been numerous opportunities to do so, given 
the stormy recent history in Jerusalem, if the sabbath had been in force as 
a seventh day rest.

The justification of Jerusalem's poor showing is because all those foreign 
invaders took advantage of the sabbath. Yeah, sure. The other one plays 
Jingle Bells. (-:



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