Genesis 1 & 2 (trying again)

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In answer to each question below, why not both of them? Surely you 
have learned from your history that history often repeats itself, that 
children don't learn lessons from their fathers. Indeed, maybe that 
was precisely the point which the compiler of Genesis was making in 
including these repeated accounts. Or are you claiming that the 
compiler of that great work of literature Genesis was such an idiot 
that he included three copies of the same story by mistake, inserting 
different sets of names by accident?

OK, only one person could have killed any one Goliath, but given our 
limited knowledge of Philistine personal names there could have been 
very many Goliaths in Gath. Anyway, the text of 2 Sam 21:19 is clearly 
corrupt. 1 Chr 20:5 could well be a better text though it could also 
be a later correction.

Peter Kirk

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.. Who killed Goliath, David or Elhanan? (Look at how Chr obscured the 
problem by making Elhanan kill Goliath's brother!) Who was the king who the 
patriarch tricked into thinking his wife was his sister, pharaoh or 
Abimelek? Who was the patriarch, Abraham or Isaac?


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