Death and Deception in Genesis 2-3

Lee Deavers devious at
Thu Dec 2 00:47:37 EST 1999

> > God did not say that on that day you will become mortal, or that
> > 'eventually' you will die, he clearly states that they will die 'on that
> > day'

> We need to understand Hebrew idiom here. The expression _b:yom_ might
literally mean 'on
> the day that...', but the meaning is 'when' or 'then' or 'whenever'. It is
an expression
> signifying indefinite future time.

What is the possibility that Adam and Eve did die that very moment they ate?
Can it be this death is a spiritual death, a separation from God rather than
the death we perceive as a separation of body and soul?

Lee Deavers

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