Psa 16:10; chasideycha

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The BHS text at this point in Psalm 16:10 is X:ASIYD:KF (in your 
transliteration this would be chasidkha), which is singular - no yod 
before the -kha ending. There is no textual note in BHS, and no note 
in HOTTP or the Word commentary. But are there other MSS, printed 
editions or translations which have a plural here? Could this be a 
correction, or an interpretation, to get away from the Christian 
understanding of this verse, in Acts 13:35?

Peter Kirk

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Subject: Psa 16:10; chasideycha
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Could someone point me in the right direction with this, I am not a Hebrew 
Isn't chasideycha plural? And if it plural then why is it translated in the 

Lee Deavers

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