Gen 3:15 (snakes)

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Wed Dec 1 09:45:48 EST 1999

Just one point here:
> To me the Serpent Character is a literary device incorporated into the text
> as a catalyst to introduce sin.  In this way it helps deflect the cause of
> the sin of Eve and more importantly Adam, for he is plainly the greater
> sinner, from God himself.  Although because he created the Serpent, he is of
> course implicated in manufacturing a flawed creation.  Why a Serpent/snake,
> do you know any everyday person who likes them?  It is a natural candidate.

Actually, I know several everyday persons who like them.  I know a 
number of people who keep boa constrictors, pythons and other 
snakes as pets and love them dearly.  I'm fascinated by them 
myself, and am perfectly comfortable around them.  One fellow with 
a pet python keeps trying to buy my daughter's rabbits because he 
likes to treat his pet...

Dave Washburn
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