Job 19:25

George Athas gathas at
Tue Aug 31 20:29:01 EDT 1999

Robert Vining wrote:

> [...] It is to the credit of Tanakh canonizers that they had the integrity and
> courage to include writings expressing diverse and opposing views about
> God and His ways with mankind.

I don't think that's quite the way Job looks at God. The reader knows that Yahweh is not
Job's enemy - rather, its the Satan who is Job's enemy. Job, though, has no idea about
this. He thinks that Yahweh is behind all of his calamity and therefore Yahweh is the one
to be directly blamed. Job has no clue that the Satan has brought about his predicament
and that Yahweh is actually on Job's side. In fact, during the heavenly court scene,
Yahweh is clearly Job's defending lawyer - his go'el - who wants to vindicate Job before
the Satan.

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