ps 139:3

Myron Kauk myronkauk at
Fri Aug 27 10:31:17 EDT 1999

I am working on ps 139 and ran across the verb HIS:KAN:TFH (hiph pf 2ms 
from KSN)in v 3.

Most of the translations seem to translate this something like "you are 
intimately acquainted" (e.g. NAS, NIV, KJV, RSV, NET Bible, etc).

But BDB (p 698) gives the meaning as "to be of use or service, benefit" and 
in the hiphil "to be used".

I have checked other occurences of KSN (Num. 22:30, 1 Ki. 1:2, 1 Ki. 1:4, 
Job 15:3, Job 22:2, Job 22:21, Job 34:9, Job 35:3, Ps. 139:3, Eccl. 10:9, 
Isa. 22:15, Isa. 40:20) and found that with the exception of ps 139:3 the 
meaning found in BDB prevails.

Can anyone explain the justification for the translation "to be acquainted 
with" in Ps 139:3 or am I correct to render this verse something like "My 
wanderings and my lying down you sift, and all my ways you cause to be of 


Myron C. Kauk
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