pausal environ, II, paul z.

Paul Zellmer zellmer at
Fri Aug 27 04:50:11 EDT 1999

Vincent DeCaen wrote (in part):

> re exegesis: i think the phrasing, etc, is actually important in this
> respect. Price's books, etc, have made that point most emphatically.
> when i need an example, can't think of better than the difference
> a voice crying out, "in the wilderness ..." (rabbinical phrasing)
> vs
> a voice crying out in the wilderness, "..." (you know who)


I agree with you completely.  But I interpreted you question of my
familiarity with the subject as wondering if I had academically studied
it out.  I have not done the analysis that you and Henry apparently have
done or are doing.  To use an analogy, I see you two like scientists and
me as similar to an engineer.  I don't do the science, I apply it.  Of
course, since I am more than a technician, I have to have some degree of
higher understanding of the science.  So I look forward to seeing what
your scientific examinations come up with so I can use it in
understanding the texts.

Thanks for being one of those who keep those like me from having to do
the whole analysis.  I enjoy piggybacking on your work.


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