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Hi Jim,

you wrote:

> Matt,
> I have always liked to translate it with "rescuer".  Of
course one always
> has to fill that out a bit-- for instance in Ruth Boaz is
the "rescuer" of
> Ruth and her mother in law.  Rescuing them from poverty
and simultaneously
> providing them with a future.
> I dont think too many readers of the Bible get the meaning
when we talk
> about a "kinsman-reddemer".

I mentioned to Matthew that "kinsman" seems to want the
*familial* care that Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz seem to share in
their understanding of go'el.  Similarly, "rescuer" seems to
want the sense that the rescuer has right as such because he
was a rel.  I still like kinsman-redeemer, at least in the
book of Ruth and those portions of the Law concerning the


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