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Thu Aug 26 20:37:57 EDT 1999

Thanks Paul! for your help.  Just a comment about one point:

you wrote:
> --The issue on the second is a recognition that this is an
> list, and that its members should take responsibility for
their views.
> Although this has not happened yet in this case, the
anonymity of
> "nicks" many times encourages people to abandon this sense
> responsibility.

I shy away, a little bit, from calling this an academic
list.  (That might leave out both you and me!  ;-)  )
Anyone can join, and we invite those who are just learning
BH to post their questions along side the philosophical,
theoretical, headier stuff which requires a good deal of
previous study.  At the same time, the spirit of your point
is correct in that folks should take responsibility for what
they write here by at least identifying themselves
correctly.  Thanks again!

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