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> A go'el was not just a kinsman, but someone who would act as a legal
> representative and/or avenger for another person. A go'el was legally
> the equivalent of his kinsman whom he represented. Thus, the go'el in
> Ruth is not just a kinsman (ie, a relative), but a legal position and
> relationship. This is always what a go'el is, especially in the legal
> portions of the Torah and in Job 19:25.

 Hi George!

 Good to hear from you again. "Good on yer!"

 IIRC, the point about the Go'el is that he has the "Right", but not the
 "Duty", to redeem his kinsman who is in debt or other trouble. So the
 act of the Go'el is of 'Grace and favour', and not of Compulsion. But no
 other person can exercise the Right until any nearer relative than he has
 had "first refusal" and waived his Right (Ruth 2:12-13; 4:6-8).


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