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I just joined this list via an internet link.  I see that this is a 
University based e-mail list.  I hope there's no problem that I'm just a 
non-college person living in Los Angeles who loves Hebrew and is attempting 
to read the Hebrew Bible.

Just a little background about myself.  I discovered the Hebrew alphabet in 
an American dictionary, back in 1977 and fell in love with it and began 
teaching myself Hebrew.  I did this for a couple of years before my interest 
wandered to other things.  I really enjoyed learning it and was very good at 
it.  At the time it came very easy for me, although I never became fluent.

Anyway, a few months ago, I was inspired to get back into learning Hebrew 
and I do have several different books including the 'Biblical Hebrew, a Text 
and Workbook' that you mentioned.  I'm in a situation where I already know a 
lot of what's in there, but I bought it to refresh myself specifically on 
Biblical Hebrew since I'm planning on reading the Hebrew Bible from the 
beginning starting next month.  The book is definitely set up in a different 
way than what I'm used to.  I've read through chapter 9 and so far they 
haven't given any full sentences, only phrases, and they focus a lot on the 
dageshes, and their purposes and not enough on the words themselves and 
sentence structure.  To be honest with you if I didn't already know a lot 
about the language, I would find it to be a bit confusing :) The first books 
I ever found on biblical Hebrew back in 1977 seemed to do a simpler job of 
explaining the basic structure of the language.  But those were library 
books, so I don't have them or even remember who they were written by or 
their titles.

I'm interested in hearing about why the rest of you are on this list.  Are 
you teachers, students, or just people who love the language as I do?



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>I will be using _Biblical_Hebrew_A_Text_and_Workbook_ by Bonnine Pedrotti
>Kittel, Vicki Hoffer, and Rebecca Abts Wright, this fall:
>Have others on the list taught from this book recently? What are the
>strengths and weaknesses from your experience. Do you have any pedagogical
>hints as this book is used for teaching beginners?
>Thank You
>Brian Tucker, M.A.
>Riverview, MI
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