pausal environments

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So, Vince, when and where does all this get published?  It looks like
something that I'd like to look at in my spare time (as if I had any!)


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> henry,
> following up on work by revell in the 1980s on pause, by goerwitz 1993
> phd, and dresher Language 1994, we were able to assemble a hypothesis
> of a bottom-up, prosodic projection of pausal environments from
> syntactic edges. this has been tested and confirmed.
> the important point is that most words do not have more than one
> prosodic form, relatively rare in fact to have two let alone three.
> but to the extent pausal forms show up where predicted, we can also
> say where they ought to appear if they could: these are "pausal
> environments".
> it was further predicted that a mismatch between bottom-up pause and
> top-down cantillation would follow from the variation in length of
> verse. it was further predicted that the pausal environments would
> fall on certain accents as a function of average length of verse.
> it was predicted that the relation of our pausal environment to the
> accents should be identical to your statistical findings: as it turns
> out, couldn't ask for a better match!! i think this is the sort of
> confirmation that we needed, and apparently have.
> cheers
> V
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