Acrostics in Esther

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Sun Aug 22 22:24:25 EDT 1999

Rolf wrote:

1:20 , in reverse order: Hy)  Wcl  H-nn$ym  Ytnw.
5:4, Ybw)  Hmmlk  Whmn  Hyyom.
5:13, wkl-zH  )ynnW $wH  lY
7:7, kY  kltH  )lyW  hr(H

In 7:5 is a possible acrostic with an allusion to Exodus 3:14
hw)  zH  w)Y  zH

In addition to the above acrostics, the following also are found:

The divine name Eloah three times:
4:9 Hathak Wayyaged Le Eth
6:1  Hammelek Wayyomer Lehabiy' Eth
6:14 Higgiy'u Wayyabhilu Eth

The divine name Nissi:
1:8 'eyN 'oneS kiY

Also the acrostic on the divine name Eheyeh occurs twice in 7:7,
a symmetrical forward & backward double acrostic on the same letters:

7:7  hw) zH w)Y zH hw)
which is immediately followed by 'asher in the text.

James D. Price

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