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Sat Aug 21 12:24:37 EDT 1999

Tony Costa wrote:
> Can someone tell me how I can get to the website that will give me access to
> turn off my mail while I am away on holidays? Thank you.

The URL is

You need to enter your email address (under which you joined) *and* a password
to access your member settings. This password was automatically generated when
you joined b-hebrew. To find out what that password is, there is a place on the
web page to put your email address. In a short time (usually about 10-15 minutes
or even less, depending where in the world you are), the Lyris conference
software will send you an email message with the password. Simply go back to the
b-hebrew menu web page, and enter your address and password. The next web page
will have a button "Your Settings." Click on that. There are many settings that
you can adjust. You can:

1. change your email address
2. change your password
3. change how you receive b-hebrew messages (this is what you're interested in)
4. change whether you want a copy of your own postings sent back to you
5. change whether you want to receive acknowlegement from Lyris when you send a

If you bookmark the menu page (after you've entered your password and clicked on
"Click here to enter b-hebrew", when you return to that page, all you'll have to
do is enter your password and you're in.


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