Distinguishing jussives from imperfects

Paul Zellmer zellmer at digitelone.com
Fri Aug 20 20:33:54 EDT 1999

Gday, Matthew,

I just posed your question to the first year Hebrew class that I teach.
The result of our investigation shows that this would have to be a
jussive, it cannot be a simple indicative.

You cannot determine this simply by a word level analysis.  You need at
least a clause level analysis to see that you are dealing with a clause
initial yiqtol (with no waw).  Had the indicative been meant in this
narrative passage, the harvesters would have either used a weqatal, or
put YHWH before the yiqtol.



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> Gday all,
> Are there any syntactic criteria for distinguishing jussives from
> imperfects? So in Ruth 2:4 it says, "May Yahweh bless you". But is
there any
> chance it could be "Yahweh will bless you"? What do you think?
> With regards,
> Matthew Anstey

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