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Fri Aug 20 16:47:16 EDT 1999

I have recently changed many things on my Hebrew web site and have an
exciting announcement about an upcoming online Hebrew class.

The web site is now located at and there is a
discussion forum at .  If you find this
forum "heavy" or "intimidating", come give us a try.

You can also subscribe to the FREE email Hebrew Word of the day (actually
only 3 times per week).  The Monday/Wednesday issue introduce a beginner
word, an intermediate word, and a word or two from a phrase of the Sidur or
Bible.  The Friday's issue covers the first few verses of the weekly
Parashah (Torah Reading).

NOTE: The website and email group is aimed at beginners; those that want to
learn some very basic vocabulary and some root verbs.

Online Class Info:

Starting October 4th, I will be offering an online/home-study Hebrew class,
using the book "HaYesod" by Luba Uveeler (not associated with the Ha-Yesod
class by First Fruits of Zion).  Many colleges use this textbook.  More
details about the class are on the above web site (click on "Online Hebrew
Class" from the menu at the left).  Best guess is that this will take 2
hours of study per week. The book contains 75 lessons.  Most college courses
cover 19 to 24 lessons per semester.  We will try to cover one lesson per

Workbooks and audio tapes will be made available via snail-mail for a fee.
Members will have access to a special part of my web site which will include
audio files, downloadable materials, and a separate members-only discussion
forum.  I am encouraging beginners to learn the aleph-bet between now and
then, and to brush up on their phonetic reading skills and cursive writing

Neal Walters
"At Home With Hebrew" - Hebrew Language Tutorial

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