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I would be, Imitation of Christ.
I guess I should say by Thomas A Kemper.
Shows my devotional side.


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	>I have a chance to be Ernest Klein's _A Comprehensive Etymological 
	>Dictionary of the Hebrew Language for Readers of English_.

	A chance to BE!!!  WOW!!!  If I had the chance to be a book I think
I would
	be Friedrich Schleiermacher's "The Christian Faith".  ;-)

	Just kidding.

	>This is a used copy, what would be a fair price for this book? Is
it a book 
	>worth adding to my collection or is there something else similar
that is 

	How much do they want for it?  Beware of etymological dictionaries-
they can
	be a bit misleading simply because the root meaning of a word is not
	necessarily the way a word is used in a text.  Meaning is assigned
	context, not etymology.



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