: Re: The "times" of Isaiah

Rolf Furuli furuli at online.no
Thu Aug 19 17:51:13 EDT 1999

Dear Peter,

Some words in addition to my last post: I checked the LXX and found that
the reference of Solomon to the use of Greek Present for Hebrew QATAL of
)MR was not the only example. But most examples of KH )MR were translated
by LEGEI KURIOS by the LXX. And similarly, the Vulgate uses DICIT which
also is present. Both translations, therefore, took the formula as having
present meaning. In this study I found some more examples of KH )MR with a
possible  past meaning, particularly in constructions with the adverbial
"to me". The LXX uses aorist in these cases.


Rolf Furuli
University of Oslo

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