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Brown-Driver-Briggs-Gesenius define P:LAX (PELACH) as "pay reverence to (a deity);  to
serve (in general?)."  Similarly, Alger Johns has "to serve; worship (God)."

In Targum Onqelos (Onkelos), the word abounds as a translation of (FBAD  ('ABAD), and
like that Hebrew word appears to mean "worship" when directed to God, but basically
"service" or "homage" when directed to humans.  For example, Onqelos uses it at Exodus
14:12, "we will serve the Egyptians" (niflach yat mitsra'ey) and at Deuteronomy 28:48,
"you will serve your enemies" ("tiflach...").

Solomon Landers
Memra Institute for Biblical Research

Tony Costa wrote:

> Dear Friends,
>   I had a question re: the Aramaic word in Daniel 7:14, 27 (the "son of man"
> passages) that is translated "serve", and also "worship". Unfortunately I do
> not have a Hebrew/Aramaic Lexicon with me at the moment, but I believe the
> word in question is PELACH.This word is associated with rendering divine
> service. My question is as follows: Do any of you know whether PELACH is
> used in any context other than rendering divine service to deities or to the
> Deity? In other words, is this word used in other Aramaic sources such as
> the Targums for rendering service to kings, or dignitaries or is it
> exclusively used in a religious context? Thanks.
>                                    Tony Costa, B.A.
>                                    Univ. of Toronto
>                                    Toronto, Canada
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