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That would be the first volume of the Hebrew University Bible, came out in
1995 on Magnes Press as you say, title simply Isaiah/Jeshayahu  -  cost a
whacking 350 Israeli Sheqels at the Book Fair in Jerusalem a few months ago.

kol tov
Soren Holst

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> Gday Brent,
> The book by Magnes Press, Jerusalem on Isaiah has all the differences I
> think. However I don't have my own copy so I'm not certain that *every*
> difference is noted, but I think it does. I can't remember the name of the
> book unfortunately. The next edition of the MT, which is BHQ, will have
> extensive reference to Qumram material, and the notes will all be in
> English, not Latin. Perhaps you have seen trial editions of certain books
> already. It will not be fully published for about 10 years, but like BHS
> will come out first book by book.
> Also worth looking at is "A Handbook on Isaiah" by de Waard in the Textual
> Criticism and the Translator Series, vol.1. by Eisenbrauns. This does not
> have every difference, but certainly covers every significant difference.
> It
> is an excellent work, and comes out of the similarly excellent, Hebrew Old
> Testament Text Project, published by UBS, New York.
> Hope this helps,
> With regards,
> Matthew
> >Brent Lynn Emery wrote:
> >
> >>Dear Rolf, found your listing fascinating. I was recently comparing the
> >>Isaiah scroll from Qumran with the Massoretic text (BHS) noting the
> >>differences. Do you or anyone on the list know if this has been
> >done before
> >>with the complete book? Thanks in advance, shalom. Brent Emery
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> >
> >Dear Brent,
> >
> >I am not aware of any book which lists all the differences. In my 1951
> copy
> >of "Biblica Hebraica" there are a lot of footnotes referring to the
> Isaiah
> >Scroll, and Kutcher discussed most of the differences in his dissertation
> >on this Scroll. But I am not aware of any book, which in a systematical
> way
> >has listed all the differences, small and great ( I have not yet seen the
> >new edition of the scroll). What has Kevin, the expert librarian on the
> >list, to say about this?
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