The "times" of Isaiah

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Wed Aug 18 09:43:04 EDT 1999

Isaiah 44:2, 6 and similar in Hebrew,    )MAR YHWH in the LXX is LEGEI KURIOS, with
"legei" being present indicative active: "He is saying, he says,"  i.e., "Thus says

Solomon Landers
Memra Institute for Biblical Research

Paul Zellmer wrote:

> Solomon,
> Although I argued that the Hebrew treats this as past-time, I trust you
> do realize that I do not disagree with Rolf on how the term would best
> be translated into English and other European languages.  I think his
> understanding of the force of the introductory phrase is right on.
> Having said that:  Rolf, you asked about translations that treated this
> passage as past time.  I just glanced at the LXX (my greek has become
> too rusty to sight-read, since I have concentrated on Hebrew now for the
> past few years), but it seems to me as if the verbs are aorist or
> possibly imperfect there.  Will that do as an example?
> Paul Zellmer

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