The "times" of Isaiah

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Mon Aug 16 21:15:41 EDT 1999

Dear Rolf,

I really cannot let you get away with the statement below. Your whole 
thesis is dependent on your classification of verbs into past, present 
and future. You need to have clearly defined and stated criteria for 
how you decide which verbs are past, present and future. This is not a 
minor error but a potential flaw in your whole methodology. As such it 
is without a doubt of the first importance.

Peter Kirk

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Subject: The "times" of Isaiah
Author:  furuli at at internet
Date:    15/08/1999 13:20

Dear Paul,

>First, a methodological error:  You specifically classify KOH )FMFR 
>YHWH as QATAL with present meaning.  You wrote:
>> 201 QATALs with present meaning (including 22% with the words "Thus 
>says YHWH")

This is not a methodlogical error, but if it is an error, it is one of 
judgement or interpretation. I will concentrate on the more importatnt 


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