PC programs for Hebrew beginners

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Tue Aug 17 23:04:09 EDT 1999


Well I found this shareware program for my baby sister, called "Hooked on
Hebrew:Hebrew Language Tutorial." I don't remember where I downloaded it
from(perhaps you can do a search), but the credits state it was developed
by "Neal Walters, Amerisoft Inc. 1206 Signal Ridge Place, Rockwall TX
75087," and the full price comes to about $69(+$5 S&H).

The shareware is pretty good - It gives you letters to click on, their
variant pronunciations, some Blessings found in the Psalms to read and
pronounce, and lots of little games and readings, and vocabulary builders.

I think programmers miss the point when making language programs for
Hebrew, Arabic, Amharic, and others. Instead of making it so technical and
excessively pedantic, they should make it fun, childlike, and simplistic
so that both young and old can have FUN out of discovering this new
language instead of making it a rigorous, stern, and boring discipline.


Wondell M. Rachman

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, Dave Washburn wrote:

> A while back we had a discussion about computer programs for 
> doing complex grammatical searches in Hebrew; now I need 
> suggestions for the best overall program for a Hebrew beginner.  
> The names that have come up so far are Logos, the Hermeneutika 
> program (I forget the name) and Bible Windows.  What do y'all 
> recommend for someone just starting beginning Hebrew, and why?
> Thanks,
> Dave Washburn
> http://www.nyx.net/~dwashbur
> "Oh, no!  They've all become giant Swiss lederhosen-clad
> dancing yodelers!"  "Talk about unpredictable!" - P&B
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