b-hebrew digest: August 16, 1999

Matthew Anstey manstey at portal.ca
Tue Aug 17 12:49:02 EDT 1999

Gday Brent,

The book by Magnes Press, Jerusalem on Isaiah has all the differences I
think. However I don't have my own copy so I'm not certain that *every*
difference is noted, but I think it does. I can't remember the name of the
book unfortunately. The next edition of the MT, which is BHQ, will have
extensive reference to Qumram material, and the notes will all be in
English, not Latin. Perhaps you have seen trial editions of certain books
already. It will not be fully published for about 10 years, but like BHS
will come out first book by book.

Also worth looking at is "A Handbook on Isaiah" by de Waard in the Textual
Criticism and the Translator Series, vol.1. by Eisenbrauns. This does not
have every difference, but certainly covers every significant difference. It
is an excellent work, and comes out of the similarly excellent, Hebrew Old
Testament Text Project, published by UBS, New York.

Hope this helps,

With regards,

>Brent Lynn Emery wrote:
>>Dear Rolf, found your listing fascinating. I was recently comparing the
>>Isaiah scroll from Qumran with the Massoretic text (BHS) noting the
>>differences. Do you or anyone on the list know if this has been
>done before
>>with the complete book? Thanks in advance, shalom. Brent Emery
>>-----Original Message-----
>Dear Brent,
>I am not aware of any book which lists all the differences. In my 1951 copy
>of "Biblica Hebraica" there are a lot of footnotes referring to the Isaiah
>Scroll, and Kutcher discussed most of the differences in his dissertation
>on this Scroll. But I am not aware of any book, which in a systematical way
>has listed all the differences, small and great ( I have not yet seen the
>new edition of the scroll). What has Kevin, the expert librarian on the
>list, to say about this?

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