True Unicode Output from Logos Library System?

Karl M. Bunday kmbunday at
Mon Aug 16 23:58:01 EDT 1999

Hi, everyone, I asked about a month ago about teaching Biblical Hebrew
to Chinese speakers, and received several useful answers off-list that
I'll summarize to the list in a while.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering how to get my recent release of the Logos
Scholar's Library, which carries a prominent Unicode logo, to output
genuine Unicode-encoded Biblical texts from the original-language
Bible portions included in that set. I have read and followed the
directions in the Logos documentation, and that has not done anything
useful at all--usually my Windows 98 clipboard stays completely empty
after I follow the Logos directions, and I don't useful file output
that I can then import into a word processor either.

I CAN get font-transformed Hebrew and Greek (that is, Hebrew or Greek
that is really ASCII-encoded characters that can be displayed as a
Hebrew or Greek text by selecting the appropriate font) output from
the Almega product BibleTools, which includes original-language Bible
portions with a wide variety of Chinese and English translations. This
is the "workaround" for word processing in Greek and Hebrew that has
existed since the early 1980s. But when I import such
not-really-original-language texts into a word processor, the word
boundaries are ignored, and the texts break at lines in strange
places. A true Unicode-encoded Hebrew or Greek text would follow
Hebrew or Greek rules for word boundaries, text direction, and word
wrapping. Logos seems to promise such a form of output, but I have
failed to get Logos to deliver.

Are there other third-party electronic texts of the original languages
of the Bible that are fully encoded in Unicode, ready to copy and
paste into current word processing programs? Is there a way I can get
Logos to do that?

Thanks for any help you can provide. All suggestions are very welcome.
Feel free to reply to the list, as I read the list daily, and I
suspect I'm not the only list member with this problem.

Karl M. Bunday  "pray for us" 2 Thessalonians 3:1
P.O. Box 674, Panchiao 220, TAIWAN

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