The form of weqatal (really wayyiqtol)

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Mon Aug 16 02:11:01 EDT 1999

We have been over this many, many, many times over a stretch of 
at least 2 years.  I have presented my view both online and in print, 
and apparently the editors of such journals as Hebrew Studies 
thought it had enough merit to publish.  When I presented it to the 
SBL a few years ago, one major scholar among the listeners said 
the view had "the potential to revolutionize study of Hebrew 
grammar," and that's a direct quote (I taped the session).  As I said 
before, you're free to harangue all you want, but if all you want to 
do is whine and make fun, don't expect me to take you seriously.  
My position and the material that supports it is well documented, 
as a simple trip through the archives (and the journals) would have 
told you.  I won't try to interact with this kind of drivel.  If you have 
something constructive to say, let's hear it.  Otherwise, I suggest 
you find something else to do.

> Dave wrote:
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> > >
> > > Dave, you're asking us to believe that wayyiqtol is a verb form that (1)
> > > NEVER takes the conjunction, though all other verb forms do; (2) NEVER
> > > is preceded by things that precede other verbs like KIY, 'ASHER, LO',
> > > etc. etc.
> >
> > I see nothing extraordinary about (2), since it's well known that
> > wayyiqtol in fact isn't preceded by any of these particles.
> It's not extraordinary if the WA- of wayyiqtol is the familiar conjunction, but it is
> extremely extraordinary, odd, and unbelievable if it's not.  How do you explain that
> wayyiqtol is a finite verb form that is never in the whole Hebrew Bible negated?
> Why doesn't Gen 1:5 read
> wayyiqra' Elohim la'or yom, welaxoshek wayyiqra laylah
> Similar question for thousands of other examples!
> You're serious about this?
> John
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