Hebraic idioms

Brent Lynn Emery BRENT.LYNN.EMERY at prodigy.net
Fri Aug 13 14:34:45 EDT 1999

This is for anyone on the list. As one who enjoys cataloguing Hebraic idioms out of the Hebrew Bible I am interested in places where idioms are literalized or changed for literary effect. Example: Genesis 40:19 the idiom "lift ones head" is normally a good thing as noted in verse 13 of the same chapter where to "lift ones head" meant restoration to a former position (and life). In 40:19 the idiom is literalized and means that the head will be lifted "from you" ie. death.  In Isaiah 35:10 the idiom "dust upon their head" as a sign of mourning is changed to "joy upon thier head".  If anyone knows of places where idioms are changed or literalized please let me know. Thanks to all in advance. Shalom, Brent Emery
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