wayyiqtol, david's question

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Thu Aug 12 12:35:24 EDT 1999

Vince wrote:
> good question, david.

Why thank you :-)

> i would hazard the following guess about native speakers: they would
> consider forms consecutive to the extent that AND is part of the
> semantics of the form. so the mandarin analysis, definitely not; but
> the swahili with the morpheme -ka- meaning roughly AND THEN,
> definitely. Probably intermediate cases, though no example comes to
> mind.

I'd like to follow up on the Swahili for a moment if I may; I gather 
this morpheme carries more meaning than just "and," so I might 
speculate that its meaning is closer to Hebrew ):AXFR"Y K"N than 
to a simple Hebrew W- prefix?  How close might I be?

Dave Washburn
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