Ezr 6:9

Dale M. Wheeler dalemw at teleport.com
Wed Aug 11 12:54:38 EDT 1999

This is an Aramaic question which has arisen as I'm working through the
Aramaic section of the Westminster MorphBHS...

In Ezra 6:9 the word for "burnt offering" is spelled (:ALFWFN, which is the
plural of some lemma.  BDB has it as (:ALFT, which others have listed it as
(:ALFH; the German edition of KBS (since the English translation is not yet
done for Aramaic) lists the consonants only as (LWH and then lists two
separate vocalizations:


Can anyone give me any good reasons to select one over the other as the
actual lemma/lexeme that will appear in the WTS/GWW MorphBHS ??


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