Ps 7:8

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Wed Aug 11 11:39:24 EDT 1999

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08/11/99 10:39 AM

I'm interested in the syntax of Ps 7:8 in Hebrew, especially the function
of the initial waw. By definition it's a disjunctive waw. I would say it
introduces a change of subject/focus. At the end of v. 7 is a perfect: "You
have decreed/commanded judgment" (note NRSV; prophetic perfect?). V. 8
describes the scene: "The assembly of the peoples surrounds you." What is
the relationship between the two lines of v. 8? Is there contrast? Does the
assembly come to oppose God but finds him (or rather the Lord is beseeched
by David to be) seated or returning (text problem) to the heights over them
(in judgment)? "To the heights over them return!" Then v. 9 continues the
description and bases another plea on it: "The Lord judges the peoples;
judge me, O Lord..." Anyone else have some suggestions? Thanks.

Ray Clendenen
Broadman & Holman

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