Verb Paradigms

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Stylus Publications puts out a Card-Guide to Biblical Hebrew which is one
doublesided laminted sheet that has all the things that you want on it. It
may be gotten from:

Stylus Publications
107 E. Ridley Avenue
Ridley Park, PA 19078


At 12:33 PM 08/10/1999, you wrote:
>My name is Kelvin Moore.  I am an associate professor at Union University 
>in Jackson, Tennessee.  I teach Hebrew grammar as well as numerous 
>upper-level Old Testament courses.  Currently I am writing study aids for 
>my grammar students.  My question is:
>Where might I find Hebrew verb charts (all 7 stems, perfects, imperfects, 
>participles, etc., strong and weak verbs) that are public domain and I can 
>simply copy them off the web (or wherever) and onto a handout?  With modern 
>technology I assume that it is no longer necessary to do the painstaking 
>and tedious work of producing the charts personally.
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