Assyrian Hebrew?

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It would be more accurate to call "Syriac" a dialect of Aramaic, East Aramaic to be
exact.  There is an excellent disquisition on Aramaic in The Anchor Bible Dictionary,
volume 4.

Some Aramaic speakers refer to themselves as "Ashuri" or Assyrian, having descended
from people who once lived in ancient Assyria, Babylon, or Persia, and that dialect is
preserved in some of the liturgy of the Assyrian (Catholic Church of the East)
religion. (See the Introduction to George Lamsa's Peshitta translation of the Bible.)

Solomon Landers
Memra Institute for Biblical Research

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> >From what I've studied, Syriac was originally a dialect derived from the
> Syrian Semitic parlance prior to the 7th Century. "Aramaic" is simply a
> Semitic dialect of Syriac as well as 'Qaysi' from the Quraysh(tribe of
> Muhammad) which later turned into what is called the Arabic language
> today.  Learning it for scholarly purposes is understandable, but it is a
> very ancient way of speaking Arabic. It is the "Latin" of the Arab world.

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