Assyrian Hebrew?

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Sun Aug 8 17:32:30 EDT 1999

On Sun, 8 Aug 1999 peter_kirk at wrote:
> I'm trying to make something of this, in the light also of Henry's 
> comments. Well, the name "Assyrian", in the abbreviated form "Syriac" 
> (so I have heard - is that true?) and even today in such modified 
> forms as "Aisor" and "Suryani", is used for various Aramaic dialects. 

I believe you are right. Syriac is the language of Christians in Lebanon,
Syria, and some parts of Egypt who speak what you'd call "Christian
Aramaic." This goes back to the old discussion we had of the word "Alaha"
- where the genuine Arabic word for the generic denotation of (any) god is
"ilaah," and a close transcription of that into Syriac would be "aalaah."

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