Advance Hebrew Class (Syllabus)

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At 11:28 AM 8/5/99 +0000, you wrote:
>     I'm sure there are many of you who Took "Biblical Hebrew" beyond the  
>second year. My question is, Can you give me an outline of the course in 
>your words? For example, what texts did you study,what was required to 
>know, what exercises,etc? Pour your hearts out. It would help if you gave 
>an overview of your course and then some details.This would give me some 
>idea what to expect in the future. :-)Tony
>             P.S. may i learn from your experiences? 
>                      THANKS.

When I took 3rd year Hebrew we translated Genesis, some of the Psalms, and
the Community Rule from the Dead Sea Scrolls.  We finished up with portions
of Job (if I recall it was 1-3 and 27ff).  We also worked extensively with
Gesenius' grammar.



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