maz-zot `asita

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Shalom to you, but I'm not so sure about these as present and future:

Gen 4:6: "Why has your face fallen (and why is it remaining so)?"

Exo 10:3: "You have refused to humble yourself (and remain in that 
state of refusal), until when will you continue in this state?", or 
"Until when will you have been in the state of refusal to humble 

An idiomatic translation in English may use present and future, but 
that doesn't mean that the Hebrew usage is present or future, it seems 
to refer to the past entry into a state which continues at the 
reference time.

Peter Kirk

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How about Gen 4:6 lammah noplu paneyka or Exo 10:3 `ad matay 
me'anta le`anot mipanay ?  --one a pretty clear reference of 
qatal to the speaker's present and one to the speaker's 



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