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Bryan Rocine brocine at
Sun Aug 1 09:00:17 EDT 1999

Dear Joe,

You have responded correctly.  Your reply must be one of the
first two since you have subscribed (or re-subscribed) to
the list.  In such a case, a member's first two postings are
sent to the b-hebrew staff for approval prior to their being
posted.  The approval process may take as much as
twenty-four hours.  Sorry for the delay!  But this policy
helps us maintain a bit of control over inappropriate
postings that may inconvenience the membership.  After a
member has posted successfully twice, his posts will no
longer come through the staff for approval, and the posts
should appear on list as quickly as Lyris, our host, can
process them.  You have now had two posts approved, so your
future posts will go automatically to the list.  Thanks for
your patience.

Bryan Rocine
b-hebrew staff

you wrote:
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 1999 12:53:48
Subject: Help on Replying to msgs
To: b-hebrew
From: "Joe Friberg" <JoeFriberg at>

It appears I am unable to reply to email messages from my
regular mail
server.  I tried 3 times over the last 12 hours to reply to
a message that
way and was unable.  At least, I did not receive any
confirmation or copy
of msg sent, altho I checked my b-hebrew list settings and
should be
receiving such notices.  (A 4th time I sent the reply from
the b-hebrew
list web site, where I am also preparing this msg, and I
hope it goes

My applologies if the reply I was sending went out 4 times.

Please help!  Am I doing something wrong??
Joe Friberg
JoeFriberg at

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