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Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Sun Aug 1 02:34:23 EDT 1999

> In my opinion, Bible Works 4.0 is absolutely the best. These is no way I
> could start listing all the features, but if you visit there web site
>, they have some great information.

I have and use Logos Library system level 4, though for straight 
Hebrew & Greek work level 3 is sufficient.  Its only drawback is that 
it's a little weak in its ability to do complex searching on 
grammatical forms and on mixed searches of grammatical forms 
plus specific words or phrases.  I'm saving my pistoozas to get 
Gramcord for that, but will probably continue to use Logos because 
the front end is really easy to use, it includes several lexica etc. 
and is very easy to add to via Logos' web site.  See for details, but if you decide to get it see if you can 
find a local person who sells it.  You'll get a better price.  If you 
can't find one, let me know and I'll point you to the person I went 

Dave Washburn
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