weqatal in Jdg 3:23, Martin 2

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Alviero Niccacci used to be on the old Virginia list.  Alviero, if you're still out
there, I would love to hear what your current thinking is on this example.  Jonathan
Safren, I realize that Jerusalem is a big place, but if you happen to run across him,
perhaps you could suggest he break his long silence.


Bryan Rocine wrote:

> Shalom Lee!
> I have to differ with you in my exegesis of Niccacci 158.  The passage to
> which I think you refer goes like this: "In terms of what we know about  H
> syntax it has to said that these examples of a continuation weQATAL
> denoting the past are exceptional.  The tense shift WAYYIQTOL-->weQATAL
> does occur, it is true, but it marks a distinct interruption of the
> narrative flow, with the transition from narrative to comment, and the
> weQATAL denotes a repeated action(sect. 46)."  I take his phrase
> "continuation weQATAL" to refer to the single weqatal which refers to a
> *single past action*(like we see in Jdg 3:23).  This he calls exceptional
> syntax, *in contrast*, I believe, to the more customary(pun intended)
> series X-yiqtol-->weQATAL or occasional WAYYIQTOL-->weWATAL which
> represents discursive stance or "comment" and repeated, habitual activity
> in the past.  Niccacci admits a single weqatal with the value of a
> preterite, but does not claim, like Longacre does, to know its function.
> N. closes his section 158 with the comment, "...we might be tempted to
> correct the text and this is just what scholars do.  However, in my opinion
> it would be prudent to collect other examples and classify them in orde to
> obtain a wider picture before forming a definitive conclusion."
> Personally, I think the clarity of expression may have lost something in
> its journey from Italian to English, no criticism of Watson intended.
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> > Dear Bryan,
> > See Niccicci, section 158
> >
> > I think the weqatal after wayyiqtol signals a change from *narration* to
> > *comment*!
> >
> > Lee R. Martin
> >
> > How about that crazy weqatal in Jdg 3:23?   My tanslation:"And Ehud went
> > out(wayyiqtol) porchward(?), and closed(wayyiqtol) the doors of the
> > roof-room upon him[Eglon], and was a 'locker'(weqatal: _w:na(al_  ).
> >
> >
> > Where on this scale of views do you folks fall and why?
> >

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