weqatal in Jdg 3:23, Martin 1

Bryan Rocine 596547 at ican.net
Wed Sep 30 18:04:33 EDT 1998

Hi Lee,

Thanks for the reference!

I see you found your copy of Niccacci!  Congrats!  Where'd you get it, if
it's not a secret?  Others on the list may want to know where to get this
out-of-print book.


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> Subject: RE: weqatal in Jdg 3:23
> Date: Wednesday, September 30, 1998 4:04 PM
> Dear Bryan,
> See Niccicci, section 158
> I think the weqatal after wayyiqtol signals a change from *narration* to
> *comment*!
> Lee R. Martin
> How about that crazy weqatal in Jdg 3:23?   My tanslation:"And Ehud went
> out(wayyiqtol) porchward(?), and closed(wayyiqtol) the doors of the
> roof-room upon him[Eglon], and was a 'locker'(weqatal: _w:na(al_  ).
> Where on this scale of views do you folks fall and why?

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