Atonement in the Pentateuch

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Averbeck (in VanGemeren, s.v. KPR) writes:

The root KPR is attested in the Akk. base stem KAPARU, meaning wipe 
off, smear on... and in the so-called D. stem KUPPURU, meaning wipe 
off, clean, rub, ritually purify; Akk. also has it in the N stem = 
Heb. ni... In Arab. the situation is more similar to Akk. than has 
generally been recognized... The base stem KAFARA means cover, 
conceal, deny, disbelive, be ungrateful... and the D stem KAFFARA 
means conceal, annul, expiate, do penance... More extensive summaries 
of the root KPR in the Sem. languages can be found in Levine, 
PRESENCE, 121-27, and esp. Janowski, 29-102...

References are:

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and Exegesis", vol.2, Zondervan 1997

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Peter Kirk

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