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Tue Sep 29 00:32:48 EDT 1998

I have been keenly following the discussion and appreciate your imput.

I am wondering whether the definition of the word might be dependant upon
the application. Paul identifies  the meaning as "cover" which does have a
long history to support it. But am I the only one uneasy with the idea that
sins can be just "cover"?

Byran, yes I agree that a better proposition would be upon rather than
between, and you speak of the possible meaning being to "pacify" or
"appease". I don't have to hold my breath too deeply to get from "pacify or
appease" to the idea of "ransom".

It was Jonathon that suggest that it might be better understood as "purify,
purge" rather than atone. Would there be a difference between "rpk" and to

I was thinking that it might be translated differently dependant upon the
application. If I might give an example from Greek, blasphemeo, applied to
God is to blaspheme, but applied to Paul in Corinthians, it is translated
to slander. Could it be that there is a ransom for people's sins and the
inanimate objects are purified?

Tony Calman
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