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I just got this further clarification of Trevor Jenkin's question.
I'm passing it on so that he can get expert answers!


> >> Trevor Jenkins wrote:
> >> Could I crave your collective indulgences and ask someone for a literal
> >> translation of Daniel chapter 11 verse 32, which in the KJV is translated as
> >> "... the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits."
> >
> > Maybe it would be easier if you just asked the question raised in your
> > mind, since any time you get a "literal" translation, you will have a
> > tendency to lose any of the idiomatic possibilities of a text.
> It's not so much a question as a mis-quotation of the English translation,
> which had me confused. I thought that the KJV wording was "...take courage and
> do exploits"! (I've been using the NIV translation for 20 years and the KJV
> wording is all but forgotten.)  A search of the (English) text showed me I had
> the wording wrong. But a later search in my Hebrew lexicon suggested that
> "YaXaZiQW." could mean courage.
> You can probably tell from that last comment that I'm only just starting down
> the road to acquiring a knowledge of Hebrew. :-)
> > W:(aM YoD("Y )eLoHfYW YaXaZiQW. W:(f&W.
> The B-Greek list has a FAQ that listed the transliteration rules to be followed
> when discussing the original language. I could not find a similar set of rules
> for this list. Is there one?
> > So, Trevor, what's the question?
> The underlying question is "could my mis-quotation be a sensible rendering of
> this passage?" That's does the text afford the "translation" that I gave it?
> Regards, Trevor
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