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Rolf Furuli furuli at
Wed Sep 23 01:57:46 EDT 1998

Jonathan Robie wrote:
>A similar question...for a rank beginner like me, would it be better to get
>out the books and cassettes for Modern Hebrew from the Foreign Service
>before working my way through the Bible, or is Modern Hebrew different
>enough from Biblical Hebrew that I should focus on Biblical Hebrew?

Dear Jonathan,

My advise is that you learn Biblical Hebrew and ignore modern Hebrew
completely until you master the first one. To learn both at a time would be
somewhat confusing, particularly if you work on your own. The lack of
vowels in the texts of modern Hebrew also makes it more difficult to learn
by using texts alone. After you have mastered Biblical Hebrew with its
consonants and vowels, it is easier to know which vowels to supply in the
texts of Modern Hebrew.  Your interest in the aspects of Biblical Greek and
your  knowledge of that language will also be a help for you when you learn
biblical Hebrew. Lastly, Biblical Hebrew is important for the discussions
of b-hebrew.


Lecturer in Semitic languages
University of Oslo

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