discourse analysis

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RE:     Re: discourse analysis

i would not require a general linguistics course
i would require a high level of hebrew and greek to read texts
and a high level includes understanding 'style', which needs a 'discourse'
course in hebrew or greek.

in the past i taught hebrew and greek discourse 'abstractly' with english
lectures and 'illustrative examples' for students.
i would now ask that students learn basic concepts along with their intro
to the language, learn the language to a high level, and then do a fuller
'discourse' course semi-inductively, being required to read and discuss
long stretches of text in the language. (discussion may be in another
language as the case may be)

***     the above requires a better foundation than is traditionally
provided through grammar/translation approaches to language acquisition so
i am in the process of redesigning elementary language courses to teach
considerably more material, efficiently, in correspondingly less time. 
it's called having one's cake and eating it.
   "ulpan le`ivrit miqra'it"
  leshana tova
randall buth

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