transcription and phonetics of Tiberian vowels

Vincent DeCaen decaen at
Sat Sep 19 11:40:03 EDT 1998

I think that if we stopped trying to do phonology to output some wild
phonetic interpretation, we just tried to output the graphic
representation, you'll see what kind of interesting work we could be
doing, which in turn would simplify instruction in BH.

output seven graphs: I, ", E, A, F, O, U (the latter equals W. variant)
schwa is not a vowel graph

phonology in brief:

			*i	   *a		*u
			/i/	>/e/	>/o/	/u/

long /VV/		I		O	U

short /V/		"	E	F	O
reduced, eg., hatef.	E 		A	F

notice the streamlined elegance; and also the resolution of the basic
paradox: length underlying, no length at surface: underlying quantity
and surface quality.

just a thought about how transcription could be used to break a
longstanding logjam, why it's important vs phonetic interpretation.


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