Biblical Hebrew Transcription (was: Jeremiah 23:2)

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Sat Sep 19 15:00:00 EDT 1998

On further reflection I agree that we should stick to the Michigan 
etc. scheme, as being so close to what we were proposing anyway. Use 
of parentheses for aleph and ayin avoids some other problems with 
quotes, and leaves the single quote available for use as a stress mark 
(as stress is a significant factor in Hebrew which is often ignored in 
transcription). The only really counter-intuitive point is F for 
qamets, but I suppose it is worth getting used to that one for the 
convenience of having the text available.

But, saying that, is the Michigan etc text readily available 
worldwide? How can I get hold of a copy? Last time I asked I was told 
to send a US dollar check to get a diskette by mail. But I do not have 
a US dollar checking account (why should I? I am not a US citizen and 
have never been to the USA) and "snail mail" takes months to reach me. 
I can give a VISA card number valid worldwide (or an SIL account 
number) and can receive the text by E-mail, all in less time than it 
would take to get the diskette to the next block. Or are the 
distributors still living, in Kirk's phrase, "before the dawn of the 
Information Age"?

Peter Kirk

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