Biblical Hebrew Transcription

Lewis Reich LBR at
Fri Sep 18 20:44:56 EDT 1998

On 18 Sep 98, at 23:48, Paul Zellmer wrote:

> If the digraphs go away, case no longer makes a difference. 

Would it make sense to capitalize consonants and use lower case for 

We have P for peh and K for kaph; what would we use for thaose letter 
without the dagesh - are Ph and Kh sensible?  

How about V for vav?

Finally, the use of @ for qamatz has the side effect in some mailers 
(such as mine, Pegasus,) of having the entire word including it 
interpreted as a clickable address, and therefore underlined and 
rendered in a different color.  If this is this case for a 
significant number of listmembers, perhaps # might do instead?

Lewis Reich
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