Biblical Hebrew Transcription (was: Jeremiah 23:2)

Bryan Rocine 596547 at
Fri Sep 18 19:18:35 EDT 1998


I think Kirk's arguments are good both for the Michigan scheme as a list
standard and for a policy of relaxedness in application of any standard for
list members.  In addition, the Crick scheme, as modified by Paul, et al
has almost converged with the Michigan, especially if one adopts with the
Michigan alternate cases for consonants and vowels.  So we still have the
problem of informing new list members of a transcription scheme.  Why don't
we attach the following note to the Michigan scheme:
The b-hebrew list has a adopted the Michigan-Claremont-Westminster scheme
for the transliteration of Hebrew which allows for easy cut and paste of
computer text from "an easily available electronic BHS."  (Kirk, help us
out!)  In keeping with the informal nature of our forum, the members often
vary from the Michigan system, most
often with the following modifications:

'  for aleph
`  for ayin
@   for qamets and qamets khatupf
W.  for holem plene
Some members may specify consonants with upper case symbols and vowels with
lower case.

I realize the note may make us seem a bit disunified, but it does reflect
practice, a practice that will be difficult to reign in even with a more
definite rule.


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